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Art Track

If you are new to Art Track, you may be wondering "What is Art Track?"

Art Track is the name of all the great programming that we do in Artist's Alley.

Each year we select artists to spotlight. Each Featured Artist will host art themed panels where you can benefit from their knowledge and experience on topics ranging from getting published to colorization and more.

For the past few years Artist's Alley has proudly carried out Artist's Alley Trading Cards, an activity for artists to trade samples of their art in a business card sized 3.5 in x 2 in format with each other. This activity is limited to artists.

There are more new and upcoming events in the works besides this that may allow different levels of participation for both artists and attendees.

Featured Artists

Tsaoshin ~ Eric Proctor

Eric Proctor is an illustrator who enjoys bringing fantasy, fandom, and fun to life through his work. His style and method blend his background in traditional oil painting with the use of vibrant palettes and high saturation in digital painting applications. Eric also likes to inject humor into many of his works, the most notoriously well-known being his Grumpy Cat as Disney Princesses collection.

Eric enjoys touching base with the people who follow his work and strives to continuously reach out to the art community to offer resources, tutorials, and workshops for digital painters. He is currently the Fan Art Community Volunteer for DeviantArt where he works to feature art through Daily Deviations, articles, and fun competitions. Eric has also worked with many industry leaders, including Digital Artist Magazine, Autodesk, and Wacom, to produce digital painting resources.

Nightengale Needles

Six years ago, in 2008, on an impulse and an instinct, I quit the office job that was crushing my soul and started my own sewing business, Nightengale Needles.

Six years later, I have the good fortune and tenacity that lets me make my passion my livelihood; Nightengale Needles remains my full-time job. I've even been able to add my fiancé Trey to the mix as my office manager and number-cruncher. I sell my fleecy goods and geekery at anime, gaming, pony, and furry conventions from Boston to Atlanta, all up and down the Eastern side of the USA.

I make a particular focus on offering PRIDE themed items, because some people, myself among them, need more support and hugs when facing the world than others.

Kel McDonald

Kel McDonald is best known for her webcomic Sorcery 101. More recently, she has organized the Cautionary Fables and Fairytales anthology series, while contributing to other anthologies like Dark Horse Presents, Smut Peddler, and Sleep of Reason. She is currently working on the magical girl series Misfits of Avalon for Dark Horse Comics. Anime Boston will be the debut con for Misfits of Avalon Volume 2.

Trevor Mueller

Trevor Mueller works at an advertising agency by day, and writes comics by night. He was nominated for a Harvey Award for his webseries Albert the Alien, appearing on Mark Waid’s Thrillbent site. He has been published in Aw Yeah Comics (Dark Horse), Reading with Pictures (Andrew McMeal), Los Ojos (Pop! Goes the Icon) and Killer Queen (Red Stylor Media). He has also self-published titles like Junkyard Chase, The Fan, and more.

Trevor is also the writer/artist/creator of several award-winning webcomic series (, and regularly reviews movies, video games, and comics. He regularly gives lectures and presentations throughout the country at conventions, libraries and schools.

Trevor currently lives in Chicago with his wife, Beth, and his cat, Waffles.

Rich Pellegrino

Rich Pellegrino is an artist and illustrator with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design. His work is internationally exhibited and has illustrated seven picture books. His work was recently featured on Blue Moon Beer labels and in Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel. Clients include: Warner Bros., The Big Bang Theory, Lucasfilm, Blue Moon Beer, TOMB RAIDER, Wes Anderson, RISD XYZ, Picture Window Books, White Wolf Publishing, and Eric Clapton's Guitar Festival 2010. He is recognized by Spectrum 22, Richmond Illustrators Club 2012, and CMYK 37. He is represented by Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco. Pellegrino currently resides in Boston, MA with his wife Kristina and their cat Ernie.