Artists' Alley Pro Row

Pro Row is a new sign up opportunity for the Artists' Alley. This was created to answer the numerous requests professional artists have made for an application process specifically for them. Due to space limitations in the Artists' Alley, the standard Artists' Alley Application process is extremely competitive, as it is open to all interested artists.

The Pro Row process will accept applications from professional artists prior to the standard Artists' Alley Application phase. However, the Pro Row Application will use the same format that the standard Artists' Alley Application uses.

Changes to Pro Row:
Due to the success and popularity of the Pro Row since its inception, we are revamping various portions of it to better reflect the purpose behind it.

Since it has been proven to be beneficial for most - if not all - of the artists who are able to participate in the Pro Row, and to offset its sudden onslaught of popularity (and keeping the competition within reason), the price will be increasing to $475.

Please note that even though the Pro Row Applications start before the standard Artists' Alley Application phase, Pro Row spaces are still limited in quantity. In addition, Pro Row Application will no longer be on a first come, first served basis.

Henceforth, the Pro Row will be a Jury system, unlike the Standard Sign up process which will be a Lottery system.

This will affect the timeline between Applications and cause a longer delay between the different Application processes, since we want Pro Row to be resolved before we start the Standard Applications. If you do not make it in to Pro Row you will know before the standard Artists' Alley Application date so you may apply to that if you desire to.

Please be respectful of the Jury choices. The sad fact of the matter is that there are a limited amount of tables and too many fantastic artists to pick from. A reserve list of Pro Row applicants will be kept in case anyone drops out. While rare, it does happen.

Lastly, during our judging process, you will be required to link to your website. You will be responsible to ensure that your link works properly and brings us to the desired page. In addition, Tumblr links will not be permitted, as the site format is not conducive for a speedy evaluation. Any entries with invalid or broken links will be disqualified. We will not follow up with artists to get correct links or look for the pages on our own.

If you do not have your own website, we suggest using the portfolio feature of DeviantArt or a comparable service. This allows you to make a special folder to organize your artwork that you wish to be reviewed for your submission. This is especially important if your artwork contains fan art, as any art submitted for the Jury process should comply with the Pro Row's requirements regarding fan art. This way you are only being reviewed on what you plan to bring to the convention. All Pro Row spaces will be inspected at con to ensure compliance regarding fan art is followed.

Space is not guaranteed for each applicant; however, there will be a smaller pool of applicants which could make getting space easier. There will also be a specific set of criteria that Pro Row artists must meet before being accepted, as well as a higher cost for the space.

Artists who cannot be accommodated through the Pro Row Application Process will not be automatically transferred into the standard Artists' Alley Application process. They must reapply on their own with the standard Artists' Alley Application with all other artists.

Benefits of Pro Row

  • Higher chance of being accepted due to higher criteria and cost.
  • All Pro Row spaces are full 8 foot spaces.
  • More likely to receive prime locations in the Artists' Alley. Please note that not all spaces will actually be placed in a single row.

Requirements of Pro Row

  • Each 8 foot space will cost $475. This does not include the cost of convention membership badges.
  • All Pro Row artists who are applying as individuals cannot share their space with anyone. They also cannot sell any other artist's work.
  • All Pro Row artists who are applying as studios must have been established for at least three years. They must also have projects that the entire studio has worked on together, and not just individual projects. All studio applicants will be investigated to confirm their legitimacy. Information will be gathered from previous Anime Boston Artists' Alley, as well as the Artists' Alley of other conventions.
  • The Pro Row is not for a group of individuals who want to pool money to afford an 8 foot space.
  • The majority of the artist's work must be original art and not fan art. The focus is on an artist's own creations, and not the intellectual property of someone else. If your website only shows fanart, you will be passed over.
  • If you have any questions about qualifying for Pro Row, please contact the Artists' Alley Manager.

Other Special Rules

  • Cancellations of Pro Row space must be made by contacting the Artists' Alley Manager.
  • Full table refunds are only available if cancellation is made prior to 01/31/2018. After that, half-refunds will only be available if cancellation is made prior to 02/28/2018. After 02/28/2018, refunds will not be available, no matter the reason.
  • Aside from what is stated above, Pro Row artists must comply with all other instructions, rules, and policies as stated in the Artists' Alley FAQ.
  • Any Pro Row artists found in violation of the rules stated above or in the Artists' Alley FAQ may be subject to ejection from the Artists' Alley with no refund. This may occur prior to or at the convention.

When and Where Can I Sign up?

  • The Pro Row Artists' Alley Application can be found here.
  • The Pro Row Application will open on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 5:00am ET.
  • The Pro Row Application will close on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at 11:59pm ET.
  • As stated above, artists who are not accepted into the Pro Row can fill out the standard Artists' Alley Application when it opens on Saturday, December 1, 2018.