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Touhou Project
Hosted by Kilgamayan

We're back for another year! Touhou Project is a Guinness-recognized world record shmup series created by one man that is arguably most well-known for the gigantic insane fanbase behind it. In addition to showing the core material of the franchise (games, music, written works), we will also spend some time discussing ZUN, the man behind everything, and his recent trip to the United States. Then, of course, no Touhou panel is complete without a look at some of the best - and strangest - things the fanbase has to offer, be they music, comics, full-blown games of their own, or even just unexpected still-image crossovers. Whether you've never heard of this series before or you've been a fan for many years, there's sure to be something you'll find entertaining!

120 minutes
Fan Panel

Sat, 03/22/2014 at 7:30 PM in Hynes - Panel A

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