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Hosted by Sarah Martinez

There’s a big jump between dreaming of drawing for a living and actually doing it. It feels like nobody can tell you what’s between Step 1. COLLECT UNDERPANTS and Step 3. PROFIT! Lucky for you that's my day job and my passion. If your comics or illustrations are your passion and you'd like them to be your job, this is the workshop you need. In this workshop, I break down the components of a successful project, the various publishing options with their pros and cons, the costs and financial realities for each, the practical considerations that may favor one over the other, and the various outcomes that a creator can anticipate. I'll explain UPC's, ISBN's, the book store market, the direct market, freight shipping, marketing, and the roles a creator can play to reap the maximum reward for their work. Time permitting, I'd love to offer an extensive Q&A session for individual project review and audience discussion.

120 minutes
Fan Panel

Sun, 04/08/2012 at 11:30 AM in Hynes - Panel 107

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