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We Con, Therefore We Are: A Critical Look at the Modern Congoer
Hosted by Zhao Chen

A far cry from the more intimate, focused affairs anime conventions used to be, today’s anime con is a complex beast that appeals to an increasingly diverse crowd. Through its wide array of offerings, including raves, screenings, contests, and in depth panel discussions, the modern anime convention attracts people of all types, from the social non-watcher, to the casual fan, to the most diehard otaku. How has convention culture changed through the years? Why do people go to anime conventions today? Are all these changes good for the culture, or is there cause for concern? Join panelists Zhao Chen and Charles Dunbar in a round table discussion on the mentality of modern congoers and the ups and downs of contemporary convention culture.

90 minutes
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Sun, 04/08/2012 at 12:45 PM in Hynes - Panel 206

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