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Megaman or: How I Learned WHAT I AM FIGHTING FOR!!!
Hosted by Oliver Surpless

An in-depth discussion of this seminal video game series that has been with us consistently since the days of the NES, this panel is hosted by a video game lover who is far too analytical for his own good. The topic is a little series that wanted to do something to change the standard platformer genre very prevalent at the time. Oh, and expand the musical influence in video games that had consisted of little more than blips and bloops up to this point. The Japanese name isn’t very subtle… Come on by and let’s discuss the Megaman series’ history, its evolution throughout the last two decades, and its highs and lows (no ranting about Legends 3 I promise!) Fans of Megaman minutiae preferred, but video game fans are invited as well, and only if you explain why spikes can get past armor when lasers and other projectiles cannot or why a genius scientist would build a robot that cannot duck.

60 minutes
Fan Panel

Sun, 05/26/2013 at 10:30 AM in Hynes - Panel C

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