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Fan Parodies
Presented by Anime Boston

Anime Boston is pleased to announce that we will be featuring fan created anime parodies this year. Like abridged shows? Spoof commercials? Parody films? We will be showcasing new and classic parodies at two huge screenings. Come check out what is sure to be the funniest screenings at the con. AMV Salad 6 / Ideon/Off / Evangelion ReDeath / Pokeholics Anonymous / Macross: Did You Forget About Love / Detective Conan Abridged / Plus lots of shorts!

120 minutes
English (Dubbed)
Premiere Video

Fri, 05/24/13 at 8:00 PM in Hynes - Video HD 210

Disclaimer - This schedule or listing is subject to change right up to and during the convention. Check the online schedule, Guidebook app, or Room Screens for the current schedule.