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Cosplay Games

The Cosplay Games are part of Anime Boston's official programming lineup. All event participants must be cosplayers; however, anyone is welcome to attend and watch the events.

Cosplay Games General Rules (regardless of event)
Anime Boston is a Japanese Animation convention, so all costumes must be based on Anime, Manga, Japanese-origin video games, or Japanese live action productions based on Anime or Manga (such as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, NANA or Cutey Honey.) If the series and/or character originated anywhere other than Japan, it doesn't qualify. (Examples of characters which would be disallowed despite having anime adaptations are: Iron Man, Supernatural, and any Disney characters involved in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. (Japanese adaptations of material within the public domain are permitted - such as Les Miserables: Shojo Cosette, Gankutsuou, or Romeo X Juliet.) If you have doubt as to whether a specific costume qualifies, please contact the Cosplay Games Coordinator)

Rules for Cosplay Chess and Death Match

  • No use of any messy substances that might ruin the costume of another contestant. Any individuals wearing body paint or makeup must make sure it will not come off in casual contact with others.
  • No throwing things from the stage, for example: T-shirts or Beach Balls.
  • Please review Anime Boston's Props Policy. All props used in the Cosplay Chess and Death Match. MUST COMPLY with the Anime Boston Props Policy.
  • All costumes must be PG and secure so they stay that way for the duration of the events.
  • All players are required to wear proper attire to prevent wardrobe malfunctions.
  • No fire, flash powder, lasers, explosives or open flame of any kind will be allowed. Electronic flashes will be permitted provided that you notify the Cosplay Games Coordinator in advance, and it must be announced in your MC introduction to protect those who may be affected by the flashing lights.
  • Anime Boston staff does not allow jumping off the stage, nor does the Cosplay Game's Staff allow entering or exiting the stage from any area that has not been approved by the Cosplay Games Coordinator.

Cosplay Games Event Descriptions

Emergency Cosplay Repair Station (ECRS)
Broken movement gear? Bent katana? Crumpled Wings? Don't let it spoil the con for you! Anime Boston's specialists and volunteers are here to help you at the Emergency Cosplay Repair Station! Free for use to all convention attendees during the hours that Masquerade Headquarters is open. Repair and craft supplies, including all kinds of sewing materials, tape, glue, bobby pins, hairspray, stain removers, makeup, even scrap fabric is available for public use. Staff and volunteers will even help you with your repairs, and our costume experts will recommend strategies to deal with the most unexpected costume calamities. So next time your hidden wrist dagger gets jammed don't let it get you down - come to the Emergency Cosplay Repair Station.

Death Match (Friday - Afternoon)
The Death Match is a contest where two characters enter a stage; a victor is chosen via the crowds' noise level, and the losing character is wonderfully slaughtered by the winner in mock combat. The victor then moves on to the next round. 32 contestants, from various anime and manga, will fight it out, leaving only 1 fan favorite remaining!

Cosplay Match Game (Friday - 5pm)
Are you on the same wavelength as your favorite anime characters? Do you have the chops to snatch victory for yourself? Then head on into the Match Game! Contestants from the audience compete to match wits with our panel of quirky characters to see who really does think like an anime!

Afterdark Dating Game (18+) (Friday - Late Night)
The Anime Dating Games are cosplay game show events in which an eligible bachelor (or bachelorette) from anime, video games or manga asks questions to three bachelorettes (or bachelors) in order to determine whom he/she should choose for a date! The questions asked vary from comedic, to innocent, to blatant innuendo. Ever wondered whom Sasuke from Naruto would choose as a date? How about Saber from Fate/Stay Night? Anyone is fair game!

Cosplay Couples Game (Friday - Evening)
How well do you think your favorite anime couples know each other? Does Asuka really know how Shinji likes his eggs? Can Integra remember what Walter's ideal date is? Our contestants will put their familiarity with each other to the test to see which couples really do know the most about each other. Applicants are encouraged to apply in couples from same or similar animes (if compatible). However, we will also accept solo applications.

Cosplay Family Feud (Saturday - Afternoon) What happens when you gather up people who enjoy Japanese art and culture? Anime Boston! What happens when you put these people in stunning costumes and have them attempt to figure out how the Con-goers responded to survey questions? Cosplay Family Feud! Based off the hit game show Family Feud, we gather surveys before and at Con to form our questions. Gathering up ten willing Cosplayers and dividing them into "families" of five, we have them act as their represented character while taking guesses as to how people responded to the survey questions. This is an entertainment event. While we do "keep" score, everyone participating is a winner!

Cosplay Shenanigans (18+) (Saturday - Late Night)
Anime Boston's favorite game for naughty cosplay shenanigans is back! Now with 69% percent more innuendo, kinky questions, and the exactly the same room space. Are you ready to venture forth, with Lady Snow, her pet squirrel, and all the cosplay shenanigan panelist in a quest to find the lost groove of Shenanigan's DJ Footize. Come, let your hair down, get a little wild, and see what sort of fun we get up to. For new people, this event is entirely based on participation of audience cosplayers. Volunteers are selected to participate in adult themed rounds of humor and debauchery. And remember, what happens in Shenanigans stays in Shenanigans.

Cosplay Chess (Sunday Morning)
In Cosplay Human Chess, a giant chess-board is set up on stage and costumed convention attendees, dressed as their favorite anime and manga characters, serve as the pieces. At the direction of two chess masters, the participants move, fight, and die live on stage. Each years' chess showdown has a unique storyline and themed teams, such as: Magic vs. Science, or Good vs. Evil. Chess is usually a combination of improvisation and pre-scripted events, with a different balance every year between the spontaneous and the pre-planned. Participants apply online before the convention, and are chosen in advance.

Capture the Barrel
It is Humans vs. the Universe! This competition game is played in the halls all weekend long. Cosplayers join teams and compete to get the most captures on prop barrels. Each capture is achieved via a simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors (no lizards or Spocks). Open to all cosplayers, no registration needed.

Cosplot 2016
Anime Boston 2016 is putting on a field day! As such, we are looking for a variety of teachers and students to help us out with this year's cosplot. On top of this, we also are looking for some power-hungry ruffians and general monsters, ect. Think you have a costume, but don't have it quite done yet? Include as many images as you can of what you currently have.

SOME PARTS OF COSPLOT REQUIRES YOUR TIME BEFORE THE CONVENTION FOR REHEARSALS AND RECORDINGS. The biggest of these being the cosplot masquerade skit, As such, if your schedule often leaves you with very few open weekends, this might not be the area for you. Let us know in your application if you think you will or will not have time before con, because we may have roles that won't require much or any pre con time. Also, since time is needed before the con for practice, selections will be made before applications close unlike other events, so get your applications in ASAP.

Scavenger Hunt
Anyone can play this relaxed in-the-halls scavenger hunt! Pick up a Scavenger Hunt Form from the Info Desk. This form contains a list of cosplayers to look for and get signatures (or photos) from. Can you find all four members of bishounen quartet? How about a cyborg vampire? A zombie Sailor Moon? You can play alone or on a team. The first five to complete the hunt and return complete forms to the Info Desk win a prize. For those who want an extra challenge, once you complete the first scavenger hunt you will have the option to try a more challenging one!