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Lucky Grim Wayfinder Photography

Lucky Grim

Lucky Grim has over 20 years of experience in the costuming world. A professional makeup artist and seamstress, she has worked on multiple films, television shows, and stage events. As a cosplayer, she has won multiple masters’ and best in show awards across the East Coast. She has judged multiple Masquerades, hosted a number of panels, and is regularly a featured guest.

Instagram: Luckygrim

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Wayra Cosplay

Wayra Cosplay

Kara (Wayra) has been cosplaying since 2010 after discovering it through her obsession with “Yu-Gi-Oh.” Over the years, she slowly became more enthralled with the craftsmanship behind cosplay and began competing in various craftsmanship competitions. Though she doesn’t choose to compete as much as she once did, she still loves being part of the event itself and is greatly looking forward to being able to participate as a craftsmanship judge at Anime Boston again this year. Follow her social media for WIPs, tips/tricks, and obscure cosplays @wayracosplay on Instagram and Facebook!



Albinoshadow is a cosplayer, historical costumer, historical textile conservator, and medical historian who lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her collection of cosplays and antique garments. She currently works in the New York City theatrical industry and has won high awards at, among others, New York Comic Con, Anime Boston, and Arisia. Her specific interests are embroidery, couture sewing, historical re-production, and textile science. Find her on Instagram @albinoshadowfire or read about her costuming process at



AkaneSaotome is a veteran cosplayer from the East Coast. Over her 14 years in the cosplay community, she has accumulated over 100 costumes and won multiple craftsmanship and performance awards from various competitions. With those skills, she's judged many masquerades and craftsmanship contests, including Anime Boston, Otakon, AnimeNext, and even the World Cosplay Summit. She has also been featured on many websites, podcasts, videos, and magazines for her cosplays, along with getting to participate as the official Mercury for Viz media at Otakon and the Arda Wigs Iron wig contest. When AkaneSaotome isn't cosplaying, she's designing new bags for the medical field and making dreams come true as a party princess. She loves Crystal Pepsi and hates jalapeños.

Fan page:

Lady Cels ChezPhoto

Lady Cels

Lady Cels was born in 1989 in Boston, Massachusetts. She began cosplaying in 2005 and has won several awards for her craftsmanship in contests along the East Coast. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Theatre/Costume Tech and her Master of Arts in Puppetry with a focus on fabrication and costumes from the University of Connecticut. Her specialties include 3D printing, fabrication, micro controllers, fabric painting, and detail work, which she regularly teaches and speaks about at panels. She currently works as a digital fabrication studio manager and maker educator for the KID Museum in Bethesda, Maryland, where she teaches 3D printing, fabrication, design, and coding.


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Performance Judges

Sketch Photography by Amie E.


Sketch is a New England artist, craftsman, cosplayer, and one of the hosts of AnimeConsTV. He has attended Anime Boston since its inception in 2003 and started cosplaying when he competed in the 2004 masquerade as Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

Since then, Sketch has attended over 55 conventions, sold artwork in Artists’ Alley, performed improv with Anime Unscripted, displayed his full size TARDIS replica, and participated in masquerades, cosplay chess matches, and dating games.

From his award-winning prop, the Silver Monkey Statue from “Legend of the Hidden Temple,” to his costumes, including Lynx from “Chrono Cross,” Canti from “FLCL,” and Godric Gryffindor from “Harry Potter,” Sketch has shown us his chops as a cosplayer. With his various awards for performing in masquerades and entertaining crowds in cosplay related events, we welcome his experience again for this year’s masquerade.

You can find him on facebook at

Shiva Photography by Amie E


Shiva has been a performer for most of her life, earning her Bachelor of Arts in Theater and Dance Performance in 2004 and touring with dance companies in both the United States and abroad. She discovered the cosplay hobby in college and attended her first convention, Anime Boston, in 2005. Since then, she has attended over 50 conventions, created over 90 costumes, and won numerous awards for both craftsmanship and performance, including Best In Show at Anime Boston in 2009 and 2010. Her current favorite costumes include Summoner Belgemine and Shiva from “Final Fantasy X,” Princess Zelda from “Hyrule Warriors,” and Princess Serenade from “Eternal Sonata.” She also performs improv with Anime Unscripted, serves as one of the hosts for AnimeConsTV, and enjoys making AMVs. She loves seeing what her fellow cosplayers create and is thrilled to be judging masquerade performances again in 2019 at her hometown con! You can follow Shiva at and see more of her work at

Frongi (Caps Lock Cosplay) A Sweep of Swallows Photography

Frongi (Caps Lock Cosplay)

For fourteen years, Frongi trained in tap, jazz, and ballet, performing and competing across New England and down the East Coast in both group and solo dance divisions. She even performed twice in Disney World, but despite the magic, felt something was lacking. In 2006, she left dancing behind in order to go find out what. Unable to part with the stage completely, she dove into theatre training.

But stage theatre wasn’t her calling either. In 2013, she realized her place was in the vocal booth. In 2015, she launched commercial and narrative voice-over demos and has been working as a professional voice actor ever since—on audiobooks, educational apps, TV ads, voicemail greeting systems, and more. Are animation demos next? Who knows!

Frongi is thrilled to bring her dance, theatre, and voice-over training, as well as thirteen years of cosplay experience to the masquerade judging table. To the competitors—pierce the heavens, go beyond/plus ultra, get in the robot, Shinji, and break a leg!

Jeannette ChinoChinako

Jeannette ChinoChinako

Jeannette ChinoChinako is an award winning costume designer from Austin, Texas, who has specialized in cosplay for nearly two decades. Beyond winning awards, her cosplay has also been published in books sold worldwide and has been featured in gallery showcases in both Massachusetts and Texas. In September and October of 2016, Jeannette worked with gaming giant Ubisoft to help promote “WATCH DOGS 2” while cosplaying as Sitara Dhawan, the leader of the DedSec hacking group from the video game. She worked with Ubisoft again in November 2017 to celebrate the game’s first year anniversary. She is also a freelance writer for, and can be found as @ChinoChinako around the internet.