Charity Auction Listing

Charity Auction listing information for Anime Boston 2018 will be available in the upcoming months. Please check back later for updates.

  1. Charity Auction Items
  2. Raffle Baskets

Charity Auction Items

All items are subject to change in both time and availability. Please visit our booth in the dealers room for the most up to date information, as well as enter the raffles!

Who deserves to win this year’s theme?? Look for our Mecha and Kaiju coin collection boxes at the charity booths located inside the dealers room and registration room. All the change will be counted at the end to declare who our attendees feel is the true winner. All the change will be donated at the end to our chosen charity, the National MS Society.


  • Anime Boston Lifetime Membership - It's a lifetime pass to Anime Boston! Cannot be sold or transferred. Get into Anime Boston every year without having to worry about Pre-Registering!

  • Anime Boston 2015 "choose your own color" shirt - Got a thing against black shirts? Maybe green is more your deal? This is the only way to get a one of a kind shirt!
  • Attack on Titan Mini Poster Signed by the U.S. Cast - This poster contains signatures from: Matthew Mercer - Levi, Mike McFarland - Jean, Trina Nishimura - Mikasa, Josh Grelle - Armin
  • Trinity Blood Poster Signed by the U.S. Cast - This poster contains signatures from: Mike McFarland - English ADR Director / Cain, Monica Rial - Vanessa, Kent Williams - Count Gyula, Colleen Clinkenbeard - Esther, Caitlin Glass - Wendy, Greg Ayres - Alessandro, Carrie Savage - Astharosme, Jamie Marchi - Agnes, Trina Nishimura - Huck, Chuck Huber - Havel, Clarine Harp - DVD Producer / Colonel Mary Spencer, Caitlin Glass - Wendy, Aaron Dismuke - Ion Fortuna
  • Sailor Moon Cups - A cute set of 4 cups from the Sailor Moon pop up store in Tokyo. Melamine. Feature the designs of Sailor Moon, Chibi Moon, Neptune and Uranus.


  • Utena Statue - Pre-painted Complete Figure Scale: 1/8 scale from the G.E.M. Figure line. Main character Utena from the show Revolutionary Girl Utena. "Wakaba said a while ago that there's no such thing as a 'wrong' love. That love wasn't something you can control. But there really are people you mustn't fall in love with, aren't there."
  • PSYCHO-PASS Poster signed by Japanese staff - This poster is signed by: Katsuyuki Motohiro, Executive Director, Naoyoshi Shiotani, Director, George (Joji) Wada, Producer
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer! DVD Art Cover Signed by the U.S. Cast - This poster is signed by: Josh Grelle - Maou, Felecia Angelle - Emi, Anthony Bowling - Ashiya, Christopher Bevins - Cervantes / English ADR Director, Jamie Marchi - Various Roles / English ADR Script Writer, Alexis Tipton - Rika, Caitlin Glass - Kisaki
  • Sailor Moon plush pair signed by Linda Ballantyne - A pair of plushies, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. The Sailor Moon is signed by one of the original English voice actors for the character, Linda Ballantyne.
  • Sailor Moon Plates - Melamine. Three plates from the pop up Sailor Moon store in Tokyo, featuring three different, beautiful designs.


  • Autographed Anime Boston 2014 Shirt - Missed out on guests from 2014? You can still get their autographs on a special colored shirt! Only two produced every year!
  • One Piece Poster Signed by the U.S. Cast - Quite a large collection of signatures on a poster! Colleen Clinkenbeard - Luffy; Ian Sinclair - Brook; Eric Vale - Sanji; Brina Palencia - Chopper; Sonny Strait - Usopp; Christopher R. Sabat - Zoro; Stephanie Young - Robin; Brandon Potter - Shanks; Mike McFarland - Buggy, Helmeppo, Richie, Eyelash, Masshikaku, Yokozuna / English ADR Director; Grant James - Zeff; J. Michael Tatum - Eneru, Dalton; Marcus D. Stimac - Hogback; Monica Rial - Tashigi, Karoo, Kuina, Kappa; Josh Grelle - Billy, Wanze, Chiqicheetah; Zach Bolton - Pierre; Joel McDonald - Louis Arnote, Kuma / English ADR Director; Kristin Sutton - Various Roles; Juli Erickson - Kokoro; Kyle Phillips - Marco; Michelle Rojas - Gonbe; David Wald - Paulie; Caitlin Glass - Vivi; Tia Ballard - Porche; Chris Rager - Arlong, Butchie, Brindo, Campacino; Felecia Angelle - Perona, Yoko; Jamie Marchi - Miss Valentine, Dr. Kobato, Hocha, Victoria Cindry, Akihiro; Justin Cook - Bogart, Bellamy; Micah Solusod - Coby (older); Brian Mathis - Monkey D. Garp; Morgan Garrett - Mozu; Jerry Jewell - Merry, Minchy, Hildon; Lydia Mackay - Laki; Keith Kubal - Various Roles; Greg Dulcie - Ripper; Kent Williams - Kuro, Shura, Clover, Raoul, Scorpion; Rob McCollum - Doflamingo; Bryan Massey - Monkey D. Dragon, Drake, Kamonegi; Chris Ayres - Johnny
  • Black Butler II: Yuya Matsushita Autograph Card - signed by Themed Song Performer.
  • Homura Figure - Homura Figma, offered exclusively through the Aniplex store and currently sold out. Features Homura in her devil form from the end of the third Madoka movie. "I'll do it over, no matter how many times it takes. I'll re live it over and over again. I will find a way out. The one path that will save you from this destiny of despair. Madoka my one and my only friend. I don't care because if it's for you, I'll stay trapped in this endless maze... Forever."


  • Signed Anime Boston Banner - Our yearly banner made up to promote the con. Signed by guests of Anime Boston 2015.
  • Tharja Statue - Tharja’s proportions, which are considered the 'best in the army', have been faithfully kept in figure form. She wears a regal cape which has been sculpted to help bring out her character even more. Released by Good Smile Company she is a pre-painted complete PVC figure approximately 205mm Tall (1/7 Scale) with base. "And I have a bit of a rebellious streak, I'm afraid. A...dark side."
  • Wolf Children Poster Signed by U.S. Cast - Poster is signed by: Colleen Clinkenbeard - Hana, J. Saxton - Yuki, Lara Woodhull - Yuki (Child), Micah Solusod - Ame
  • Persona 4 Blu-ray - Blu-ray of episodes 1-13 signed by;: Wendee Lee-Sayoko Uehara, Matthew Mercer-Taro Namatame/Kanji, Kyle Herbert-Mitsuo Kubo


  • Signed Anime Boston 2015 Shirt - A special item that can only be acquired here. The Anime Boston 2015 shirt in a special color, signed by guests of the con. Only two made every year!
  • Aldnoah Zero Canvas’ - Aniplex special item that features one canvas print of Slaine and one of Inaho. Ready to hang! "It is a poor knight indeed who slays one who defies him. The key is to show yourself to be superior that they will not defy you in the first place."
  • Steins;Gate Poster Signed by the U.S. Cast - Poster features signatures from: J. Michael Tatum - Okabe, J. Saxton - Faris, Cherami Leigh - Suzuha, Tyson Rinehart - Daru, Patrick Seitz - John Titor / English ADR Script, Trina Nishimura - Makise Eva 2.22 DVD - Signed by: Trina Nishimura- Mari, Greg Ayres- Kensuke Aida Madoka Statue - Manufactured by FREEing this pre-painted complete PVC figure is 1/8 scale. Madoka, the lead of Puella Magi Madoka Magica is dressed in a cute Yukata and ready to go to a festival! "Don’t forget: Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone."


  • Artist Alley First Pick - Want the best spot? This is the best way to get it! Table size is 8 feet near front of the alley, this pick gets first choice before anyone else, and the winner gets 8 feet when almost no one else does. Retail price is $300 (if you could snag one!)

  • Attack on Titan Gift Set - If you love Attack on Titan, this is a great bundle of fun items! This set features Attack on Titan Coat: Scout Regiment, drawstring bag, wallet, plushie, beanie, bracelet, keychain, fabric poster and belt.
  • Kamisama Kiss Mini Poster Signed by the U.S. Cast - Features signatures from: J. Michael Tatum - Tomoe; Tia Ballard - Nanami; Micah Solusod - Mizuki; Alexis Tipton - Ami; Joel McDonald - Mikage; Monica Rial - Himemiko, Tayama; Brandon Potter - Akura-Oh; Jamie Marchi - Hiroko; Jerry Jewell - English ADR Director; Morgan Garrett - Village Girl
  • Naruko Aoba Nendoroid - From the series Magica Wars, its the first girl you meet, Naruko Aoba! This one is a special pre-order edition, so you get an extra Magatsuhi for her to mash on! "I was forced to become a magical girl…to wear this stupid cosplay... Even so, I won’t let you wreck the land I love!"
  • Sailor Moon Transformation Wands (and pen!) - These transformation wands represent the inner Sailor Scouts. All are expandable, except Venus’s which is actually a pen!


  • Snow Miku Snowglobe - Unique item acquired from the Sapporo Snow Festival 2015.

  • Attack on Titan Glass set - Set of two drinking cups and 4 shot glasses.
  • Eden of the East: The King of Eden Poster Signed by the U.S. Cast - This poster is signed by: Mike McFarland - ADR Director, Leah Clark - Saki, Todd Haberkorn - Tsuji, John Burgmeier - Kasuga, Michael Sinterniklaas - Osugi, Stephanie Sheh - Micchon
  • Sword Art Online DVD - Signed by: Christine Marie Cabanos- Silica, Cherami Leigh- Asuna, Cassandra Lee Morris- Leafa/ Argo the Rat
  • Miku Lunchbox - An adorable lunch box featuring the vocaloids in their winter best! Filled with candy!


  • Guest Sketchbook - A special item, guests of the convention are encouraged to write and draw in this book.
  • Fairy Tail Wall Scroll Signed by the U.S. Cast - Signed by: David Wald - Gajeel, Christopher Bevins - Lahar, R. Bruce Elliott - Makarov, Alexis Tipton - Milianna, Joel McDonald - Zeref, Jerry Jewell - Lyon, Caitlin Glass - Evergreen, Micah Solusod - Midnight, Kent Williams - Jura, Jamie Marchi - Cana, Josh Grelle - Blacksnake, Hughes
  • Hetalia: World Series Poster signed by U.S. Cast - Signed by: J. Michael Tatum - France, Chuck Huber - Austria, Jamie Marchi - Narrator / ADR Script, Christopher Bevins - Japan, Jerry Jewell - Russia
  • Lupin Movie Blu-ray - Signed by Richard Epcar.


  • Miku keychain and pin set - An adorable set of items from the Sapporo Snow Festival. The keychain is Miku in her "winterized" attire. The pins were a special crossover between Miku and Madoka, and they feature Miku dressed as Homura and Homura Dressed as winterized Miku.

  • Blue Gender Poster Signed by the U.S. Cast - Signed by: Laura Bailey - Marlene, Eric Vale - Yuji, Kyle Hebert - Robert, John Burgmeier - Joey, Christopher Sabat - Keith / English ADR Director
  • Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne Wrap signed by U.S. cast - Signed by: Colleen Clinkenbeard - Rin, Christopher Bevins - Tamotsu, Jamie Marchi - Mimi, Terri Doty - Informant’s Assistant, Tia Lynn Ballard - Ruon, Clarine Harp - Laura, Kent Williams - Professor, Todd Haberkorn - APOS, Jason Douglas - Various Roles, Alexis Tipton - Various Roles, Scott Freeman - Various Roles
  • Gundam Unicorn Blu-ray - Signed by: Kazuhiro Furuhashi- Director, Koki Uchiyama- Banagher Links


  • Ryuko Matoi Statue - Don’t lose your way! Manufactured by Phat Company, Ryuko Matoi is the female lead of Kill la Kill. She is a pre-painted complete PVC figure, 1/8 scale. Comes with both parts for the scissor blade to be displayed as regular or "decapitation mode". "To hell with your opinion!"
  • Hetalia Axis Powers Wall Scroll Signed by the U.S. Cast - Signed by: Todd Haberkorn - Italy, Patrick Seitz - Germany, Christopher Bevins - Japan, Ian Sinclair - Romano, Clarine Harp - China /DVD Producer, Colleen Clinkenbeard - Chibiromano, Brina Palencia - Chibitalia, Mike McFarland - Estonia / Line Producer, Zach Bolton - English ADR Director, John Burgmeier - Switzerland / Head Writer, Luci Christian - Hungary, Alexis Tipton - Japan (child), Kumajiro (Canada Bear), Jerry Jewell - Russia
  • Space Dandy DVD O-Card Signed by the U.S. Cast - Signed by: Ian Sinclair - Dandy, Zach Bolton - English ADR Director, Joel McDonald - Meow / English ADR Director, Micah Solusod - Bea, Jamie Marchi - Yoko / English Script Writer


  • Large Godzilla Statue - This Godzilla statue is large! He has tail swinging action! The kids on the box look really excited! "Rawrrrrr Rawr Rawrrrr Rawwwwwwrrr"
  • Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Postcard signed by U.S. Cast - Signed by: Jamie Marchi - Panty, Cherami Leigh - Kneesocks, Christopher Bevins - Garterbelt, Ian Sinclair - Chuck
  • K-on Dvd - Signed by: Cassandra Lee Morris- Ritsu Tainaka, Christina Vee-Mio Akiyama

Raffle Baskets

We feature several baskets that are raffled off on Saturday of the convention. Tickets are on sale at both our Registration Room Table and our Dealers Room Table.

Ticket pricing is
1 ticket for $1
6 tickets for $5
15 tickets for $10

After purchasing a ticket, you must write on the back, a name and a phone number where you can be reached at the convention. If you are not present during the drawing, we will text you. We must hear back from you within 30 minutes after your ticket is drawn to confirm you will be picking it up. No raffle prizes will be mailed out. If we receive no response in the 30 minute time frame, a new winner will be drawn.

All ticket sales benefit the National MS Society.

Baskets we are offering this year include:

  • Snack Basket (3:00pm) - Japanese snack basket with so many tasty things to share, or not.
  • Mecha Basket (3:30pm) -This based is filled to the brim with all things mecha.
  • Kaiju Basket (4:00pm) -This basket is stuffed with amazing Kaiju related goodness.
  • Concert tickets to Pokemon Symphony in Boston (4:15pm) - Gotta catch 'em all at the Symphonic Evolutions Concert!
  • Skoshbox DEKAboxes (4:30pm) -DEKAbox is twice the size of the original Skoshbox and includes full sized snacks.
  • Limited Edition Persona Q 3DS system (4:45pm) -Limited edition... enough said.
  • Sony PlayStation 4 (5:00pm) - This basket contains both a PS4 system and is bundled with Final Fantasy Type-0 Collectors edition!