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Charity Video Game Tournament

Anime Boston is proud to announce its first charity video game tournament. The Anime Boston Fights Against MS Tournament will take place the Saturday at 2pm. Participants must sign up prior to the convention.

The tournament will be strictly fighting games, but this won’t be your average tournament! Participants won’t actually know which fighting game they will be playing until they sit down at each round.

  • Participants must be 18 years or older to compete.
  • Participants must be registered for Anime Boston before they can sign up.
  • Participants are required to earn at least $100 in donations before they will be allowed to compete.

We will be taking 16 participants for the tournament this year. Sign ups will be on a first come, first serve basis and participants will receive an email notifying them that they will be in.

Prizes will be awarded to the winner of the tournament as well as the participant that raises the most money.

If you are interested in competing in this year’s tournament, please fill out the form here.

Please contact the Charity Coordinator for any questions for further information.