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Tom Wayland - CANCELLED

Voice Actor / Director
Tom Wayland is proud to have made a long and successful career out of his favorite things - acting, directing, making rock and roll music, and having long luxurious salon-quality hair that makes supermodels look like homeless guys. Tom is best known for his work on the hit series Pokemon (and the aforementioned hair). He’s directed more episodes) and voiced more Pokemon creatures in English than anyone else on Earth.

Wayland has also produced and/or directed hundreds of other anime titles such as Now & Then, Here & There, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Alien Nine, The World of Narue, Ichi the Killer, Mew Mew Power, Magical Do Re Mi, and GI Joe. He is also a very busy voice actor having appeared in hundreds of titles currently airing on Cartoon Network, Fox, CW, Nickelodeon, Netflix, Hulu and anywhere else you can think of. He’s in Pokemon as Virgil, Meyer, Cress, Flint, and Reggie. Tom’s also been in every Yugi-oh series shouting about cards and dueling and all that as snarling screaming villains and high pitched snooty kids and most prominently as Crow Hogan, Lester, and Nervin in 5Ds.

New for 2015 – catch Tom’s work as Skip Boyle in Yugioh Arc V, directing and voicing several characters in the popular series The Winx Club, and UK fans – listen for Tom as the Black Baron in the brand new Playmobil series Super Four.