Guest Info

Shino Kakinuma

Voice Actor
While attending Kunitachi College of Music Senior High School, Shino Kakinuma joined the theater company Seitoh, led by Toshio Furukawa. As a member, she was a part of over 100 stage productions, and later debuted as a voice actress in 1985 with Urusei Yatsura. After joining the largest voice acting agency in Tokyo Aoni, she worked in a variety of roles including: radio personalities, TV reporters, variety TV shows, and narration of various TV programs.

Major Anime roles include best friend Naru Osaka in Sailor Moon, Videl of Dragon Ball Kai, Rie Kakinoki in Beast Claw, and Iku in Mushishi: the next chapter. She was also a TV reporter on Omoikkiri Chugaku Jidai (Very Much Middle School Years), Hello Animal Family; a radio personality with Yoru Wo Buttobase (Midnight Running) and What's In; and the voice of the narration for Mogumogu Gombi and CD Groove.

Shino's hobby is going to anime stores around the world and working on Gundam models. She lives with her husband Toshio Furukawa, and their two Shi Tzus, Asuma and Ace.