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Welcome to our new podcast, ABC: Anime Boston Concast. This podcast is produced by the staff members of Anime Boston. We'll cover the latest convention news and developments, as well as discussions about anime, manga, and fandom.

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Episode 7: Anime Boston Concast 2014 #1
Published: 12-31-2013

Episode 6: ABC Season Finale
Published: 05-23-2013

Episode 5: We're back!
Published: 03-10-2013

Episode 4: The Wayland We Were
Published: 01-15-2013

Episode 3: Introducing "Cosplay Chatter!"
Published: 12-07-2012

Episode 2: Fandom then and now
Published: 11-01-2012

Episode 1: Welcome to the Anime Boston Concast
Published: 10-15-2012