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Registration Barcodes

Like last year, we have sent out your registration barcodes. You should have received one when you pre-registered, however we wanted to make everyone had their copy so we have resent them. This is to ensure that you can move through registration super fast. (You still need photo ID)

Unfortunately, there was an error in the link, but we have resent them to your email with the correct link. You should now have your barcode ready to print and bring to convention, though it is not required.

If you pre-registered but did not receive a barcode, then either 1 of 3 things happened.
1) Your spam/bulk mail folder ate it up.
2) Your email was entered incorrectly into the system.
3) You're not really registered.
In any case, please contact us if you did not receive a barcode and we will verify your record in our system.

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