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Anime Boston announced today that two more bands will be coming to Boston from Japan!

Anime Boston announced today that international stars the pillows will perform this year in the Hynes Convention Center on March 22. The pillows, who hail from Hokkaido, Japan will deliver its pop-punk music and riffs to the grateful attendees of Anime Boston.

The three-person outfit, lead by lead singer Sawao Yamanaka, also features lead guitarist Yoshiaki Manabe and drummer Shinichirou Sato. The group is expected to play songs from "FLCL" and its latest album "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!," their first record on the avex trax label.

Opening for the pillows is the Japanese-based band LUV AND RESPONSE, featuring fashion icon "D" on lead vocals. Backed by four professional dancers (boys "Life" & "Rofe", and girls "eLu" & "Any") and recently collaborating with track-master Shinnosuke of SOUL'D OUT as producer, LUV AND RESPONSE incorporates original fashion, music and choreography within a single thematic canvas. LUV AND RESPONSE have heard that the best young energy in the whole convention circuit can be found at Anime Boston, and they are eager to be a part of that vibe!