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New Guests for 2013: Yousei Teikoku and IBI

Anime Boston is proud to announce two more guests for the 2013 convention.

With a concept combining Gothic Lolita visuals, and a mix of genres such as classical and J-pop based in heavy metal, Yousei Teikoku stands out prominently in the anime music scene.

Representative songs include "Baptize", opening theme to the TV anime "Seikon no Qwaser", and "Kuusou Mesorogiwi/ Fantastic Mythology", opening theme to the TV anime "Mirai Nikki", among countless others.

Fashion Designer IBI is famous for the ghost-kei fashion movement.  The fashion line Sixh. unites visual-kei artistry with the imagery of popular host and hostess clubs. A new theme, ghost-kei, is created by combining the words “gothic” and “host” into “ghost”.

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