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Hey! The con is here OMG! But we have more announcement we need to let you guys know about!

1. Raj and ORIGA will be autographing Merch in the dealers' room during the hours below:
Saturday 10-12pm
Sunday 10-11:30am


2. Formal Ball Tickets can be picked up outside the Sheraton Grand Ballroom at 1pm on Saturday.


3. The 21+ Lounge line will be in Autographs C in the Sheraton.  After receiving a ticket, you will be sent over as capacity dictates.

4. In the photo studio, Room 201, we will be having a photo op with the mascots at 10am tomorrow morning (Saturday), with a hard stop at 10:30am. Anyone interested in getting their picture taken with them can form a line against the hallway wall in that area. 

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