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Status of the Informal Dance 2014

Despite the best efforts of our staff and partners, Anime Boston will not be hosting an informal dance this year. 

 We know that having an informal dance is a convention staple at Anime Boston and many other anime conventions in the US.  This is why our staff researched numerous options around the Boston area but, unfortunately, we could not find a location that would meet safety requirements, was within a realistic budget, and be approved by the venue’s management.

 We do not take this decision lightly and we know that a portion of our attendees will be disappointed. As such, Anime Boston has already started work on finding and securing a location for the informal dance in 2015.

It's our hope, despite this, that you still choose attend Anime Boston 2014 this year. We will be hosting our annual charity formal ball with proceeds going to the MS Society, with plans for the ball to be hosted in the Hynes. It's a fun event and a great cause! Also, there will be two JAM Project concerts, the awesomeness of Sailor Moon guests (and many more guests to come!), dealers and artists from all over North America and hours of programming that you can't find anywhere else, we look forward to seeing all of you in March!

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