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Bag Inspections and Masquerade Ticketing

Hello all, we have a few housekeeping/PSA announcements regarding Bag Inspections and ticketing for the Masquerade:

Bag Inspections

Bag Inspections will be conducted at the Hynes Convention Center again for Anime Boston 2014. This policy was put in place by the Hynes last year and will continue every year. Bag inspections will be at the Boylston St. entrance, the Prudential Entrance, and the entrance on the third floor of the Sheraton. This inspection is for the safety of our attendees and will be conducted by the Hynes Convention Center Security Staff. This type of inspection is similar to what you might encounter at an arena event. Please consult our Convention Policies for more information on prohibited items.
Masquerade Ticketing

In order to streamline seating for the Masquerade, Anime Boston uses a ticket system.

Tickets will be FREE to all attendees and handed out while supplies last on Saturday, March 21st, starting at 9am. The ticketing table is located in front of rooms 108 and 109 on the Hynes first floor.

There will be two types of tickets:

  • Auditorium Floor  

  • Auditorium Balcony

One ticket will be issued per person and the ticket guarantees the ticket holder a seat in that area. Anime Boston is not responsible for lost/misplaced tickets; however, if tickets are lost, seats may be available after those with tickets have been seated.

Attendees will not be allowed to line up for the Masquerade until two hours before seating time. There will be a line for each ticket type:


  • Floor ticket holders will line up outside of the Auditorium entrance

  • Balcony ticket holders will line up on the 3rd floor along the windows.

There will be no simulcast.

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