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The First Ever "Line Skip" Badge Raffle!

For the first year ever, Anime Boston is giving away a special badge that will allow you and a friend to line cut the events you want to see!

This event will work by making donations to the National MS Society under our page (here). For every $2 you donate, you are purchasing a ticket into the raffle. Please use the custom donation spot for your donation.

The raffle will be drawn on March 15th with a winner announced that week.

To enter go to the page (here), and input the amount you would like to donate. Every $2 gets you a ticket.

-This badge is only good for Anime Boston 2015 and is good for the winner and one friend to each event. YOU MUST STILL PURCHASE A BADGE FOR THE CONVENTION.

-You must have the badge on you in order to cut the line.

-Please use your real name and correct information when filling out the donation page, as we will need it to contact you!
-Please arrive early to events to ensure getting in. Winner must arrive 15 mins prior to autograph sessions, but will still be placed in the front of the line. 

-You will be issued your badge at registration. 


This badge is good for Anime Boston events only and will not be accepted anywhere else, ie the food court.

Please visit the thread on the forums or email with any questions about the event

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