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Status of the Informal Dance at Anime Boston

Anime Boston's Informal Dance has not been held since the 2012 convention, where a series of incidents occurred during the dance. We attempted to secure an off-site location for the Informal Dance in 2013, but encountered issues with city permits and planning and had to cancel it last minute.

We have thoroughly investigated all avenues open to us in order to host an informal dance again. Unfortunately we have found that the options presented to us do not meet our needs, either in terms of safety for our attendees and staff, proximity to the Hynes Convention Center, budgetary allowance, or in meeting city licensing requirements.

Our criteria for hosting the informal dance is unlikely to become any easier to meet in the future. As our attendees population increases, it will result in needing a higher capacity venue, bigger safety concerns, more staff, and a larger Boston police detail.

The increased cost to do all of that would result in shifting money from other facets of the convention to the informal dance. It would result in a lower quality Anime Boston experience overall, in favor of one single event.

The leadership of Anime Boston is committed to bringing you the best show we possibly can. After trying to make that include an informal dance again for the past few years, we have been unable to reconcile the two. Ultimately this means that the informal dance will be suspended indefinitely.

We thank you for your understanding of the situation. We do hope that you will join us at Anime Boston 2015 and beyond to experience all the other wonderful events here.

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