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Godzilla Actors Autograph Update

Important update regarding the autograph policies for our Godzilla actors Mr. Takarada and Mr. Nakajima!
For Mr. Takarada and Mr. Nakajima, the official convention sponsored autograph session in Autograph room 2 @ the Sheraton (where autographs are complimentary) due to its shortened time on Friday will be limited to only the first 75 people in line as opposed to the customary 100, and will allow for only one autograph per person per actor.
HOWEVER, Mr. Takarada and Mr. Nakajima can also both be found all weekend long at their Booth #143  in the dealers room!  There they will be offering autographs for 25 dollars each (per actor) which will include an 8x10 photo or mini poster as well as a candid picture with the guest.  Please note this booth will be run directly by the guests and is not run by Anime Boston, so we cannot control specifically when they will be available during the course of the weekend or their pricing- only confirm that they will have this space all weekend long.  
So if you miss out on the official autograph session, don't despair!  You have not missed out on the only opportunity to meet these amazing guests :)
The normal Anime Boston autograph policy will apply for all other Guests of Honor.