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Attendees needed for AB2016 Music Video!

The annual Anime Boston cosplay music video is underway, and we're looking for attendees to take a starring role!  This year we are filming an upbeat homage to the sports series you know and love, and we need your help to make it happen.  The music video will be filmed at several sites in the greater Boston area, and the final product will be shown on the Main Events big screen as well as on our youtube channel.  Examples of previous years' CMVs can be found below:

Who we are looking for:

**!!Update!!** Please note that we are no longer accepting Haikyuu!! applicants. However, we are specifically looking for group applications and/or additional cosplayers from Free!, Yowamushi Pedal, and Kuroko no Basuke. Cosplayers who are enthusiastic about the above series but need a costume supplied are also encouraged to apply. If you do so, please submit a generic cosplay photo of yourself and indicate which character(s) you are applying as.

Enthusiastic attendees with a cosplay from any popular sports anime such as Haiky?!!, Free!, Yowamushi Pedal, Eyeshield 21, or Prince of Tennis.  We are looking to film four to five sports teams with as many members as possible and no character overlap.  With this in mind, full or partial group applications may see a higher chance of acceptance.

Don't have a sports cosplay but still want to participate?  We have a limited number of Prince of Tennis uniforms for cosplayers who still want to strut their stuff.

Rules and Guidelines:

-Applications close on December 20th and accepted cosplayers will be notified within 1-2 days.
-Filming will take place on January 9th in the greater Boston area.  This will be an all-day shoot, but may be subject to moving due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances.
-You must be able to attend the shoot and find transportation to the greater Boston area.
-You must be 18 years of age or older to participate.
-You may submit your application either as an individual or as a group.
-We do encourage you to submit multiple cosplays if you have them, as we will only be accepting one of each character.  Please include a photo of each.
-Your cosplay may be homemade, borrowed, or bought, but you must have it in-hand or close to completion at the time of submission.

How to apply:
-Email your application to with the subject line "2016 Cosplay Music Video".

-Please include the following (the entire below list should be included for each member of your group):

Number of individuals in your group

Your legal name

Your age

Your email address

Your phone number

Your cosplay page or website (optional)

The character and series your cosplay is from (if submitting multiple individual cosplays, please include one line per character)

Do you have transportation to the greater Boston area?  Please indicate if you will need transportation from the metro or transportation between the shooting sites.

A photo attachment of all cosplays you or your group are applying with.  Individual or group photos are acceptable.

For applicants who do not have a sports cosplay:
please indicate your usual shirt/pants size, as well as which Prince of Tennis character(s) you have a wig for.

You will receive a submission confirmation within several days.

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