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Entering the Hynes

The Hynes Public Safety team will continue to inspect bags as they have in the past. There will be a line for people with bags, and a line for people without bags. Because of these increased security measures, and the popularity of the indoor entrance, lines have been forming at the Prudential entrance to the Convention Center. Due to fire safety concerns, this line will be filtered outdoors and any traffic moving from the Prudential Mall to the Hynes Convention Center will be diverted outside. We’ve included a handy map this year if you’re not sure the best path to take when entering the Convention Center. 

Hynes Entrances and Bag Inspections


Here are some tips:
     -For those of you passing between the Sheraton and the Hynes, there is a hallway open in Artist’s Alley that is connected to the third floor of the Sheraton. This is a single door, so delays may occur.

     -The *fastest* way to get from the Prudential Mall to the Hynes Convention Center will be to exit the Prudential on to Boylston Street (going past where the food court used to be) and take a left. This will lead you to the front entrance of the Hynes Convention Center. This entrance has a roof over it and will keep you dry if it rains! 

     -If you feel like taking a longer walk and waiting in a longer line, you can exit the mall on to Belvedere street (next to Cheesecake Factory), take a right, and re-enter the Prudential mall at the hallway between the Mall and the Sheraton hotel. This entrance is not covered, so if it rains you will get wet!

The MCCA has also decided to add metal detectors at the entrances this year, similar to if you were attending an event at Fenway Park or the TD Garden. If you do not feel comfortable passing through the metal detector, there will be guards with wands as well. 

Please remember to dress appropriately for the weather! It’s very likely that you’ll be outside at some point over the weekend. Remember to bring a coat, appropriate shoes, and maybe even an umbrella if you wish. If you need a place to store your stuff over the weekend, there will be an Item Check station inside the Hynes Convention Center that charges only $1 per item to hold on to your things for as long as the Convention Center is open!

Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation as we, along with our partners at the Hynes Convention Center, strive to make this event as safe as possible!


If you have any questions at all, please ask them on the forums.

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