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Wheelchair Rentals

We all know walking and standing are synonymous with conventions. A wheelchair or scooter can be a game-changer in your convention experience. If you’re unable to bring your own, or do not have one, The Hynes Convention Center has a very limited supply of manual wheelchairs. That said, we’re happy to announce that Belmont Medical Supply is able to provide rentals during Anime Boston!

Belmont Medical Supply is located in Belmont, MA and provides service to the Boston, Cambridge and Brookline areas. Reservations for a rental are just a phone call away at 617-484-3888. Rentals can be delivered right to your hotel! While there is no specific deadline to call, it’s best to reach out to them by March 15th. If you’re already at Anime Boston, they may be able to help you with next day delivery. You can also visit their website for more information.

Rental rates are as follows:

Manual Wheelchairs: $25 delivery, plus: $25 daily / $60 weekly / $90 monthly

Power Wheelchairs: $50 delivery fee, plus: $150 weekly / $400 monthly

Scooters: $50 delivery fee, plus: $150 weekly / $400 monthly

There is no additional fee to have the wheelchair or scooter picked up, and they will work to ensure the least expensive rate is paid.

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