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Masquerade & Cosplay Event Registration Now Open!

We are now taking applications for all our cosplay events. These include the Masquerade, Cosplay Chess, Anime Dating Game, and the Hall Costume Contest. With the addition of the Continuing Cosplay Plotline, there's now even more ways to pretend you're two dimensional and made of ink.

Love to design? Love to act (or just act goofy)? Love to strategize? Love to NOT run in the Halls? We've got something for you!

Masquerade Registration Form Full! Thank you for your interest.
Hall Costume Contest Registration Form
Anime Dating Game Registration Form
Anime Cosplay Chess Registration Form
Continuing Cosplay Plotline Registration Form

The majority of these game shows and events fill up quickly. So to help assure that your application is evaluated quickly please read the rules before signing up and have as much detail available for the Masquerade Director and Cosplay Department as possible before hitting send. See you at the Show!