Anime Boston Game Shows

Anime Pass the Yen
Back for the third year at Anime Boston, come join the fun in this quick-paced game show where contestants face off against one another to try to win AWESOME prizes!

Anime Waifuu
Everyone has their dream waifu. Is she maybe more than you can handle? Based on the hit party game "Billionaire Banshee", we've crafted a list of perks and quirks to find out "Would you waifu?"

Anime Unscripted
Anime Unscripted is the hit improv comedy tradition at Anime Boston since day one. Watch as quick-witted guests take on the challenging games provided by your host. Of course, there's audience participation too, so you might get to be part of the show!

Know Your Meme Again6
Know Your Memes, you say? Well, prove it! Show everyone else at Anime Boston that you are the king of the Internet by naming the memes! Think you have what it takes? This year it's the entire room vs. "Beardy" (assuming he shows up… I'm looking at you, Beardy!) Bring your A game! There's one only one panel that matters at Anime Boston and its name is...

Pictionary: The Space Edition
Laugh yourself sick as someone fails to draw something as simple as Pokémon, and yet manages to paint a brilliant masterpiece that successfully portrays the sadness we all feel when confronted with the conundrum that is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Pictionary, guys. Make draw, guess thing, win.

Real Ultimate Showdown
Everyone will answer and play in this poll related game show where popular vote will determine the answers. Can you guess which answer the majority will choose? Are you prepared to decide a slew of hard choices and epic battles? Join us for Real Ultimate Showdown.

Sunday Morning Fever Dance Competition
So you think you can dance? Show me your moves! Pairs of dancers will compete and show off for the judges. Think you can be crowned the best of Anime Boston?

Wait Wait... Don't Anime!
Based on the popular NPR program, contestants will try to spot the real anime amidst our panel of lies.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Anime Style!
Back for its 8th year at Anime Boston, come join the excitement as we bring to you the anime version of the hit game show!

Cards Against HumANIME (18+)
Apples to Apples meets Cards Against Humanity meets Anime Boston meets a potty mouth. 18+ because we're sick, sad people. Everyone who arrives on time gets to play. Bring all of your awful.

Extreme Geek (18+)
Do you like a good time and the internet? Are you up with the current fads and trends? Do you have a horrific lack of shame? Do you dare be the very best? Extreme Geek is waiting for you. There will be teams and there will be an audience team. That means if you come, you're in. Trivia! Physical challenges! Random crap! Nicolas Cage?! Hilarity! Just please, please, don't do the food challenge. We are not kidding. EXTREME GEEK: It's a thing. 18+ for reals!