Sit in the lounge and relax, or strengthen your vocal cords in front of your friends. We have a large library of music and can put lyrics on screen. Though, it's always a good idea to bring your own CD/Audio player with you if there is a song you really want to sing.

Open Karaoke Guidelines:
The only songs allowed during open karaoke are of Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Thai origin. You may sing songs in English that have been translated from their original East-Asian language. Music that is not allowed includes, but is not limited to: any fan made parody music, music that is from anime created in the United States (L33T Street boys and RWBY will be allowed), Disney music (unless it is the Japanese versions form the Kingdom Hearts game franchise), and standard American music. Songs must not be over six minutes in length to be fair to other participants. Individuals signing up with disallowed songs will be removed from the queue. Participants are not allowed to sign up twice in a row at the queue, even if they are assisting someone else. All music must be of PG-13 rating or less.

The Number System
In order to move the process along and get people on the stage quickly, each person will be called by the number they are given when they sign up at the front desk. Participants are allowed to announce themselves when they reach the stage. Your name/Call-sign will be kept so no one else takes your number. Your number will be called aloud three times. If you do not respond, we will move on. Please visit the forums for rules related to karaoke and direct any unanswered questions there.

Electronic Sign Ups
We are doing electronic sign ups at the desk and via a link on your wireless devices. Same rules for normal sign ups apply to the electronic sign ups. You can also add web links, so we can find the exact version of the song you want to sing. After signing up you can check the online queue and see how long until you get to perform.

The Karaoke Contest
Time: Saturday 5pm-7pm
Signups: The forums and Friday during open karaoke (no Saturday signups).
Twelve singers will compete live for the karaoke trophy and prizes. Six have signed up in advance and six the day before the contest. There’s only one trophy and every audience vote counts! Sign up details can be found on the forums starting April 4th. There are only six online slots, better be quick to not miss out!