Maid Cafe

Welcome back for another year!

The Maid Cafe is back for its second year at Anime Boston 2019! We will be extending our hours this year to be open from 11:00am to 7:15pm on both Friday and Saturday and 10:00am to 1:45pm on Sunday!

This year we will be implementing a reservation system to minimize waiting time and optimize everyone’s maid experience! By filling out our form, you can secure your 45 minute long time slot and make sure you’re able to attend! Please make sure to fill it out completely, including your legal name, email, and birth date! We will need to confirm through the use of your ID to make sure we’re letting in the correct person!

Reservations for the Maid Cafe are free, however we kindly ask that you purchase refreshments of your choice during your stay.

You may also make a reservation in person at the check in table outside of the Maid Cafe from 10am to 6pm on Friday or Saturday and after 11am on Sunday, if there are tickets still available!

Please also note that while our maid cafe is family friendly, attendees under 13 years old must have parental approval to make a reservation. If you are under 13 and would like to visit the Maid Cafe, the adult who is accompanying you to Anime Boston must fill the form out so they can reserve your tickets for you. If the parent/guardian would like to attend as well, they must fill out the form again for themselves.

The cafe is always open for those who would not like to participate in the full experience and would just like to purchase food for take out!

We will be adding performances to our cafe this year, featuring dances and tarot readings from our lovely maids! Each time slot will be able to see our performances and speak to the maids personally!

Maid Cafe Menu:

  • Bubble Tea
  • Macarons
  • Cupcakes
  • Candy
  • Snacks
  • Donuts
  • Coffee
  • Parfaits
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • And More!

Maid Cafe Rules:

For the safety of our staff, it is against the rules to touch any of the maids, inside or outside the cafe, at any time.

Photography of the maids, or photography inside the cafe of any kind is prohibited unless taken by a member of staff, however all of our maids will be happy to take a picture with you! Just ask or step over to the photo station. Pictures of food are allowed, but please inform a maid that you will be taking the picture of the food so that there’s no chance of miscommunication!