The East vs West Coast Swing Semi-Formal

Anime Boston is proud to announce the return of the semi-formal dance to our Saturday Night programming. Join us for a night of east and west coast swing music and dancing inspired by your favorite anime series.

Unlike most events at Anime Boston, the East vs West Coast Swing is a limited capacity and ticketed event. Tickets are 4 dollars and proceeds will benefit the MS Society. Tickets can be purchased approximately 1 hour before the formal ballroom dance lesson, outside the room in which the dance lesson is held. A specific swing dance lesson will be held during the first 30 minutes of the Swing semi-formal.

Please note that the East vs West Coast Swing is a semi-formal event. The dress code, while less stringent than that of the formal ball, will be enforced. Those in male attire should wear the equivalent of a button down shirt, slacks and dress shoes. Those donning female attire should wear the equivalent of a cocktail dress or slacks and a dressy top. Informal clothing such as mini skirts, bare midriffs, ripped clothes, vinyl, chains, platform boots, sneakers, as well as large props or anything interfering with your field of vision are not allowed.