Registration Privacy Policy

This policy applies to all personal information we collect as part of the Registration process.

Who Collects Your Information:
Information is collected on this website, particularly through our registration form, by Registration on behalf of Anime Boston and the New England Anime Society.

What Information is Collected:
We gather full name, mailing address, emergency contact phone number, email address, a badge name (nickname), gender, and date of birth.

How this Information is Used:
We use this information solely for planning and managing Anime Boston.

  • Mailing address and email address are collected to contact members regarding any problems with registration or payment and to verify admission.
  • Date of birth is required to verify eligibility for reduced rates for child admissions.
  • Your full name is printed in very small letters on your badge so that staff can have access to the full names of members as needed. It is not legible unless you hand the badge to someone to read closely.
  • Badge names are printed in large letters on the badge, to serve the usual purpose of a name tag.
  • Your emergency contact phone number will be used to contact a responsible party in the event you are somehow incapacitated at the convention.

How This Information is Shared and Protected:
Anime Boston and the New England Anime Society will not distribute your information to outside parties, except as specifically required to achieve the uses stated above.

  • Anime Boston Registration Customer Service and Outreach Staff and Anime Boston Executives have access to pre-registration information which is required to perform their staff duties.
  • Our pre-registration database is stored with our hosting provider, Expologic. They do not share any information with third parties.
  • Expologic provides our on-site registration services. Anime Boston retains full ownership of all registration information and will not permit subcontractors to distribute any information.
  • Your emergency contact phone number may be provided to police and EMS if they have need to communicate with your emergency contact.
  • Your birthdate is used to determine your membership rate, required registration information, and for demographic purposes. Your age is stored, but not your birthdate.
  • Your gender is used solely for demographic purposes.
  • As enumerated above in "How This Information is Used," limited information may be provided to the general public.
  • Anime Boston will undertake no other sharing of personal data, except as required by law.
  • While transmitted over the Internet, your information is protected with industry-standard 128-bit SSL. Third parties cannot access your information in transit.

How to Have Your Information Removed:
Contact Registration Customer Service to have all personal information purged from our database.

Please note that having your personal information purged will result in the loss of your pre-registration for Anime Boston, with no refund provided.

Special Considerations for Child Attendees:
Children under the age of 13 are given special rates for admission to Anime Boston. Their information is also treated differently.

All child attendees must submit a permission form, which is provided in the registration process. A parent or legal guardian must sign to confirm permission to use the child's personal data as outlined in this policy.

Sixty days after the conclusion of the current convention year of Anime Boston, the first name, last name, street address (but not city), and email address for any child attendee will be wiped from our database.

These policies may be modified at any time deemed necessary by Anime Boston Staff.

Registrations are non-refundable, non-replaceable, and non-transferable. See our Registration Policies for details. Pre-registrants will receive their badges at the convention. Bring a photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.) to the convention when you pick up your badge. Hotel accommodations are not included with registration - contact the hotel directly to reserve a room.