Staff Position Details

Registration Outreach Manager

The Registration Outreach Manager is responsible for planning, budgeting, and executing in-person pre-registration events, both within and outside of Boston. Such events may include participation in local festivals, promotional events with relevant local businesses, and display booths in the exhibit halls of other anime and pop-culture conventions.

The Outreach Manager is in charge of identifying and contacting potential event organizers, requesting any necessary services (electricity, internet, etc), recruiting sufficient staff for each event, coordinating transportation and lodging when necessary, and monitoring the contents of the Registration Bag.

The Outreach Manager will coordinate with the Public Relations Director/staff to generate promotional materials, arrange ad swaps, and promote events on social media, the Exhibits Director/staff to arrange convention booth swaps, and the Operations Director/staff to arrange hotel swaps when necessary.

The Outreach Manager is responsible for training and delegating tasks to the Assistant Outreach Manager, under the direction of the Director/Assistant Director(s)

As the Outreach Manager has access to confidential attendee records and responsibility for payments, an applicant's references and experience must recommend this trust.

All staff members are also required to adhere to the Staff Guidelines.