Staff Listing

This is the staff listing for Anime Boston 2020. Hovering over a position will show a brief description for it. You may click on the Details link to see more information about a position. If there are openings for a staff position, you will find a link to apply to it.

Executive Committee

  • Convention Chair - Details - Contact
      Kristen Leiding
    • Vice Chair - Contact
        Jenna Leary
      • Marketing Committee - Apply
    • Director of Exhibits - Contact
        Christian Daly
    • Director of Guest Relations - Contact
        Victor Lee
    • Director of Operations - Contact
        Kirsten Smith
    • Director of Public Relations - Contact
        Chris O'Connell
    • Director of Registration - Details
        Elisa Arteche
    • Advisory Committee
        Winnie Chen
        Sean Gibson
        Allen Messier
        Allison Parent
        Eric Pescatore
        Jason Tower
        Desmond Wooten

Division Staffers

  • Director of Exhibits - Contact
      Christian Daly
    • Assistant Director of Exhibits
        Elaine Lee
    • Artists' Alley Manager - Contact
        Kathryn Lawton
      • Artists' Alley Art Track Coordinator - Apply
      • Artists' Alley Staff - Apply
          Gabriel Fequiere Jr.
    • Dealers' Room Manager - Contact
        Christian Daly
      • Dealers' Room Staff - Apply
    • Charity Coordinator - Apply
      • Assistant Charity Coordinator
          Allison Parent
      • Charity Auction Emcee - Apply
  • Director of Guest Relations - Contact
      Victor Lee
    • Assistant Director of Guest Relations - Details
        Matt Miller
        Tsuki Tenicela
    • Guest Relations Operations Manager - Details
        Joshua Whitman
      • Special Projects Manager - Details
          Natalie Vaughan
    • North American Guest Relations Manager - Details - Contact
        Cheryl Apicella
      • North American Guest Liaison - Details - Apply
          Megan-Josephine Woods
  • Director of Operations - Contact
      Kirsten Smith
    • Assistant Director of Operations - Details
        Kim Bertelson
        Juliana Pena
      • Convention Operations Staff - Details - Apply
          April Carey
          Michael Chau
          Loren Golubic-Campbell
          Surabi Rao
    • Assistant to the Director of Operations - Details
        Tyler Vandrell
    • Member Relations Manager - Details
        Theresa Hofacre
      • Member Relations Assistant Manager - Details - Apply
          Jason Tower
        • Accessibility Specialist - Details - Apply - Contact
            Noelle Balutis
            Zephyr Converse
            Julie Fiaschetti
            Tiffani Pearson
        • Information Desk Staff - Details - Apply - Contact
            Noreen Byrne
            Carole Clark
            Alexander Deng
            Adrienne Harris
            Jeanna Scott-Smith
            Samantha Yee
    • Security Manager - Details - Contact
        Shamus Mahan
      • Security Assistant Manager - Details - Apply
          Damien Harris
          Nicole Jones
          Jason Laferte
          Danny Lee
          Eric Pescatore
        • Security Shift Supervisor - Details - Apply
            Nicholas Belmore
            Travis Belmore
            Hector Cartagena
            Jaren Haskins
            Jennifer Marrero
            Fred Kale Ng
            David Watts
        • Security Staff - Details - Apply
            Joey Atkinson
            Joshua Barberie
            Phillip Cho
            Winnie Chu
            Maria Cornier
            Ross Cote
            Jade Davis
            April Gamble
            Jamie Gonzalez
            Shannon Gray
            Derek Hathaway
            Maurice (Reese) Hawkins
            Jessica Hope
            Christopher Jackson
            Victoria Jimenez
            Danielle Kracum
            Caitlyn Lambert-Hutchinson
            Linda Le
            Violet Martin
            Daniel Morales
            Ryan Moschetti
            Ruben Rijo
            Stephanie Rinaldi
            Rick Rivera
            Christopher Salvatore
            Ivon Schmidt
            Jonathan Spain-Collins
            Jian Sterry
            Jason Tan
            Anthony Wey
            Dorothy Willis
            Yang Zeng
      • Security Chief of Staff - Details
          Nicole Jones
    • Staff Resources Manager - Details - Contact
        Mary Kaplan
      • Staff Resources Assistant Manager - Details
          Stefanie St John
    • Support Squad Manager - Details - Contact
        Jennifer McNeece
      • Support Squad Assistant Manager - Details
          Carl Johnson
        • Support Squad Administration Supervisor - Details
            Marisa Finkelstein
        • Support Squad Morale Coordinator - Details - Apply
            Al Wong
        • Support Squad Operations Supervisor - Details
            Allison Alder
          • Support Squad Operations Staff - Details - Apply
              Nhu Huynh
              Jimmy Liu
              Kevin Quach
              Benson Tai
              Ze Zhu
  • Director of Programming - Details - Contact
      Andrew Reckers
    • Assistant Director of Programming
        Taylor Braun
        Kate-lyn Gingerich
        Lyndsey Zusi
    • Programming Operations Manager
        Alyssa Whitney
    • 21+ Lounge Manager
        Tom Caddigan
    • Anime Music Video Contest Coordinator - Contact
        Michael Montanye
    • Cosplay Games Coordinator - Contact
        Alison Bird
      • Assistant Cosplay Games Coordinator
          Cameron Hayes
          Joseph Pellegrino
          Andrey Zholudok
      • Cosplay Games Staff - Apply
          Chris Belcher
          Kirk Davis
          Snow Foreaker
          Darren Hadden
          Cori Needham
          Wren Rodziewicz
          Patricia Webber
          James Zukowski
    • Cosplay Photoshoot Wrangler
        Ashley Shaffer
    • Cosplay Repair Manager
        Ruth Hatch
      • Cosplay Repair Station - Apply
    • Formal Dance Coordinator - Apply
      • Formal Dance Staff - Apply
    • Game Show Coordinator - Details - Contact
        Mick Pratt
      • Game Show Staff - Details - Apply
          Patrick Delahanty
          Davira Kuy
          Michael Sweeney
    • Karaoke Manager - Contact
        Brian Auxier
      • Karaoke Staff - Details - Apply
          Heather Auxier
          Len Kagamine
          Amber Mcneil
          D.J. Wilsey
    • Live Gaming Manager - Apply
      • Live Gaming Staff - Apply
    • Maid Cafe Manager - Contact
        Coral Houghton
    • Masquerade Coordinator - Details - Contact
        Brian Magnant
      • Assistant Masquerade Coordinator - Details
          Heather Cross
        • Masquerade Staff - Details - Apply
            David Burke
            Tara Di Ruggiero
            Amanda Graves
            Sarah Koshinsky
            Cori Leyden-Sussler
            Nicole May
            William Schraffenberger
      • Masquerade Emcee - Apply
          Katherine Hunt
    • Schedule Coordinator - Details
        Kate-lyn Gingerich
      • Featured Panelists Coordinator
          Doug Wilder
    • Video Programming Manager - Contact
        Todd Whitney
  • Director of Public Relations - Contact
      Chris O'Connell
    • Assistant Director of Public Relations
        Nabil Samuel
    • Graphic Design and Publications Manager - Contact
        Stephanie Hays
      • Art Coordinator - Contact
          Kara Leopard
        • Staff Artist
            Allison Mulattieri
            Melissa Pena
      • Copy Editor - Details
          Pamela Cyran
      • Graphic Designer - Details
          Sally Boniecki
          Katy Mastrocola
          Nicole Peterson
    • Mascots - Contact
        Christina Kelly
        Jordan Persson
    • Merchandising Manager - Contact
        Kerry Walker
      • Assistant Merchandising Manager
          Kate Harrison
      • Merchandising Staff - Apply
          Sarah Johnson
          Victoria Lind
          Kimberly Miller Brown
    • Photography Manager - Apply
      • Assistant Photography Manager - Apply
      • Cosplay Photographer - Apply
        • Cosplay Photography Assistant - Apply
      • Event Photography Staff - Apply
      • In-Suite Photographer - Apply
        • In-Suite Photography Assistant - Apply
      • Onsite Photo Editor - Apply
      • Photo Studio Cosplay Photographer - Apply
        • Photo Studio Cosplay Photography Assistant - Apply
    • Procurement and Allocation Coordinator
        Tuan Pham
    • Social Media Coordinator - Contact
        Winnie Chen
      • Lead Blogger
          Andrew Hoffman
        • Blog Reporter - Apply
            Michael Fenn
      • Social Media Staff - Details - Apply
          Wes Boudreau
          Thomas Carney
          Debbie Koslosky
          Vu Tran
          Ngan Vo
    • Theme Coordinator - Contact
        Kelley Kullman
      • Theme Staff - Apply
          Theresa Stromberg
  • Director of Registration - Details
      Elisa Arteche
    • Assistant Director of Registration - Details - Contact
        Allan Converse
        Skye Souter-Cherry
    • Registration Customer Service Manager - Details - Apply
      • Pre-Con Registration Customer Service Staff - Details - Apply
          Jessica DeLuca
      • Assistant Registration Customer Service Manager - Details - Contact
          Jodie Lawhorne
      • At-Con Registration Customer Service Staff - Details - Apply
          Abishai Savino
    • Registration Chief of Staff - Details - Apply
      • Assistant Registration Chief of Staff - Details
          Fauve Williams
      • Registration Staff - Details - Apply
          Antoinette Auglis
          Rose-Ericka Banjoko
          Kathleen Caicedo
          Andrea Cammock
          Deborah Ciano
          Raven Ford
          David Lyons
          Sharrie Sterling
          Lyrik Sterry
  • Director of Technical Operations - Details - Contact
      Michael Lee
    • Assistant Director of Technical Operations - Details
        Omega Au
        Jared D. Erb
    • Large Event Coordinators - Apply
        David Green
        Ben Warmus
    • Tech Ops Desk Manager - Details
        Andyi Richter
      • Tech Ops Desk Staff - Details - Apply
          Laura Messier
          Rosalie Sinclair
    • Technical Chief of Staff - Details
        Allen Messier
      • Assistant Technical Chief of Staff - Details
          Jenny Gonzalez
      • Area Lead - Details - Apply
          Lauren Conroy
          Chris Hoey
          Donovyn Pickler
        • Shift Lead - Details - Apply
            Alex MacBeth
            Jamie Northup
            Amanda Owen
            Andrew Smith
          • General Tech Staff - Details - Apply
              Albert Beechler
              Jerome Betsey Jr
              Carrie Bournival
              Kristine Bournival
              John Candido
              Vincent Colella
              Jesse Cooper
              Scott Correia
              Rafael Dejesus
              Cordial Di Ruggiero
              John Doyle
              Mark Dulcey
              Jefferson Eng
              Julie Ghizzoni
              Michael Ghizzoni
              Michael Gonzalez
              Andrew Guertin
              Alec Lyons
              Emily Mailloux
              Aelis Martins
              Carolyn Mingola
              Erny Norris
              Japheth Omonira
              Jake Pecunies
              Jehnnaye Plummer
              Seth Pruter
              Malik Randall
              TJ Reddy
              Timothy Scribner
              Amol Vaidya
              Allen Vote
              Niko Wang
      • Special Projects Technical Staff - Details - Apply
          Phill Fernandes
          Connor Lee
          Jacob Palnick
          Rayce Stipanovich
    • Digital Signage Coordinator
        Todd Whitney
      • Digital Signage Staff - Apply
          Maryah Capen
    • Convention Computer and Networking Technical Support - Details - Apply
    • Creative Technical Services Manager - Details
        Jamie Merz
      • Creative Technical Services Staff - Details - Apply
          Matthew Bowen
    • Live Video Production Manager - Details
        Nicole Acevedo
      • Assistant Live Video Production Manager - Details
          Desmond Wooten
      • Live Video Production Staff - Details - Apply
          Adam Cornwell
          Jessica Cornwell
          Sean Davis
          Jaimee Kalishman
          Jillian Rapoza
          Eric Robey
          Ngan Vo
    • Warehouse and Shipping Manager - Details
        Zachary Culp
      • Warehouse and Shipping Staff - Details - Apply
          Aurelia Lyman