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Staff Listing

This is the staff listing for Anime Boston 2015. Hovering over a position will show a brief description for it. You may click on the Details link to see more information about a position. If there are openings for a staff position, you will find a link to apply to it.

Executive Committee

  • Convention Chairman - Details - Contact
      Victor Lee
    • Vice Chairman - Contact
        Lauren Gallo
    • Treasurer - Details - Contact
        DaveJ Lyons
      • Assistant Treasurer
          Stacy Ploskonka
      • Treasury Staff - Details - Apply
          Jessica Brisson
          Andrea Finnin
          Michael Lavoie
          Danielle Moreau
          Derek Richter
          Kate Shull
    • Director of Exhibits - Contact
        Christian Daly
    • Director of Guest Relations - Contact
        Rebecca Irvin Lee
    • Director of Operations - Contact
        Kristen Guzofski
    • Director of Public Relations - Contact
        Tuan Pham
    • Director of Registration - Details
        Elisa Arteche
    • Director of Technical Operations - Details - Contact
        Michael Lee
    • Executive Advisory Committee
        Kim Bertelson
        Nabil Samuel
        Skye Souter
        Stefanie St. John
        Bailey Walker
        Lyndsey Zusi

Division Staffers

  • Director of Exhibits - Contact
      Christian Daly
    • Assistant Director of Exhibits
        Elaine Lee
    • Art Show Manager - Contact
        Daniel Barry
      • Art Show Staff - Apply
          tina tam
    • Artists' Alley Manager - Contact
        Nicole O'Shea-Bean
      • Artists' Alley Art Track Coordinator - Contact
          Kathryn Lawton
      • Artists' Alley Staff
          Gustavo Berrios
          Alexander Cardin
          Gabriel Fequiere Jr.
          Richard Mangekian
    • Dealers' Room Manager - Contact
        Christian Daly
      • Dealers' Room Staff - Apply
          Jeff Guarnieri
          Brian Hargraves
          Anthony Linkens
    • Charity Coordinator - Contact
        Jenna Leary
      • Assistant Charity Coordinator
          Nathan French
      • Charity Auction Emcee - Apply
  • Director of Guest Relations - Contact
      Rebecca Irvin Lee
    • Green Room Manager - Details - Apply
      • Green Room Staff - Apply
          Sean Fernando
          Robin Vial
    • Japanese Guest Relations Manager - Contact
        Stephanie Simpson-White
      • Japanese Guest Liaison - Details - Apply
          Szu-Yu Huang
          Drae McKenzie
    • North American Guest Relations Manager - Details - Apply
      • North American Guest Liaison - Details - Apply
          Jill Vescovi
  • Director of Operations - Contact
      Kristen Guzofski
    • Assistant Director of Operations - Details
        Jason Clark
        Doug Wilder
      • Convention Operations Staff - Details - Apply
          Kirsten Carroll
          Michael Chau
    • Staff Resource Manager - Details - Contact
        Mary Kaplan
      • Staff Resource Assistants - Details
          Caitlyn Lambert-Hutchinson
          Stefanie St. John
    • Security Manager - Details - Contact
        Shamus Mahan
      • Assistant Security Managers - Details - Apply
          Adam Burdick
          Nicole Jones
          Adam Loehmann
          Guilherme Machado
          Eric Pescatore
        • Security Staff - Details - Apply
            Edward Asencios
            Joshua Barberie
            Alexander Belmore
            Adrien Boulanger
            Monica Boyer
            James Cavaliere
            Elisa Cheng
            Justin De Leon
            Moira Dufault
            Alexei Galevi
            Jessica Hope
            Liyet Iran
            Jennifer Marrero
            Michael Martinez
            Jonathan Mendoza
            Molly Mercado
            Richard Mochi
            Ryan Moschetti
            Paige Murray
            Kim Norton
            Glenn Picone
            Gerard Rodi
            Latia Santos
            Orion Slavin
            Jonathan Spain-Collins
            Jason Tan
            Benjamin Tracy
      • Security Auditor - Apply
    • Information Desk Manager - Details - Contact
        Kim Bertelson
      • Assistant Information Desk Manager - Details
          Tiffani Pearson
      • Information Desk Staff - Details - Apply
          Jaime Bastable
          Rachel Carter
          Kayla Feudner
          Emily Ford
          Theresa Hofacre
          Margaret Smith
          Jason Tower
    • Volunteers Manager - Contact
        Steve Wong
      • Volunteers Wrangler - Details - Apply
          Zachary Casper
          Cynthia Kan
          Lily Liang
          Phi Nguyen
          Richard Pakpreo
          Bailey Walker
          Al Wong
          Ze Zhu
  • Director of Programming - Details - Contact
      Andrew Reckers
    • Assistant Director of Programming
        Hope McChesney
    • Programming Operations Staff - Details - Apply
        Luis Arruda
    • Schedule Coordinator - Details
        Michael Ray
    • 21+ Lounge Manager
        Tom Caddigan
      • 21+ Lounge Staff - Apply
    • Anime Music Video Contest Coordinator - Contact
        Adam Ferraro
      • Assistant Anime Music Video Coordinator - Details
          Michael Montanye
    • Cosplay Games Coordinator - Contact
        Daniel Chaplin
      • Assistant Cosplay Games Coordinator
          Snow Foreaker
      • Cosplay Chess Manager
          Ashley Shaffer
      • Cosplay Repair Station - Apply
      • Cosplot Coordinator - Apply
      • Cosplay Games Staff - Apply
          Timothy Bickford
          David Burke
          Scott correia
          Brian Hulse
          Lisa Nelson
          Ada Palmer
          Joseph Pellegrino
          William Tringali
          James Zukowski
    • Formal Dance Coordinator - Contact
        Amy Ackert
      • Formal Dance Staff - Apply
    • Game Show Coordinator - Contact
        Patrick Delahanty
      • Game Show Staff - Apply
    • Karaoke Manager - Contact
        Brian Auxier
      • Karaoke Staff - Details - Apply
          Heather Auxier
          Shelle Gaye
          Len Kagamine
          D.J. Wilsey
    • Live Gaming Manager - Contact
        Kevin Menezes
      • Live Gaming Staff - Apply
          Kenny Asensio
          Tim Fasano
          Daniel Felton
          Charles Hoffman
          Jonathan Riedel
    • Manga Librarian - Contact
        Danica Kwan
      • Manga Library Staff - Apply
          Regina Tayag
    • Masquerade Coordinator - Contact
        Lyndsey Zusi
      • Assistant Masquerade Coordinator
          Ashley Shaffer
        • Masquerade Staff - Details - Apply
            Heather Barr
            Amanda Graves
            Nicole May
            William Schraffenberger
      • Masquerade Emcee - Apply
    • Panel Programming Manager - Details - Contact
        Kate-Lyn Skribiski
    • Video Gaming Manager - Apply
    • Video Programming Manager - Contact
        Guadalupe Rodriguez
  • Director of Public Relations - Contact
      Tuan Pham
    • Assistant Director of Public Relations - Apply
    • Creative Media Manager - Contact
        Josef Locastro
      • Assistant Creative Media Manager
          Erika Weatherbee
      • Creative Media Staff - Apply
          Katie Rubino
      • On-site Coverage Coordinator
          Richard Baldovin
    • Graphic Design and Publications Manager - Contact
        Nicole Peterson
      • Copy Editor - Details
          Stefanie St. John
      • Graphic Designer - Details
          Mara Karapetian
      • Photography Coordinator - Contact
          David Ng
        • Photography Staff
            Elizabeth Allam
            Deborah Flechner
        • Cosplay Photographer - Apply
          • Cosplay Photography Assistant - Apply
        • Photo Studio Cosplay Photographer
            Rachel Amendola
          • Assistant Photo Studio Cosplay Photographer - Apply
      • Art Coordinator - Apply
    • Merchandising Manager - Contact
        Kerry Walker
      • Merchandising Staff - Apply
          Kimberly Miller Brown
          Thomas Wilder
    • Theme Coordinator - Contact
        Matthew Miller
      • Theme Staff
          Michael Carroll
          Kelley Kullman
          Theresa Stromberg
      • Staff Artist - Apply
          Allison Mulattieri
    • Webmaster - Details - Contact
        Chris O'Connell
      • Web Staff
          Kimberly Miller Brown
          Joe Zusi
      • Social Media Coordinator - Contact
          Kate Harrison
        • Social Media Staff - Details
            Kelley Kullman
            Nabil Samuel
  • Director of Registration - Details
      Elisa Arteche
    • Assistant Director of Registration - Details
        Jennifer McDonald
    • Assistant to the Director of Registration
        Tyler Vandrell
    • Registration Outreach Manager - Details - Contact
        Jennifer McDonald
    • Registration Logistical Coordinator - Details - Contact
        Skye Souter
      • Assistant Registration Logistical Coordinator - Details
          Patricia Goon
    • Registration Customer Service Manager - Details - Contact
        Vu Tran
      • Assistant Registration Customer Service Manager - Details - Apply
      • Registration Customer Service Staff - Details - Apply
          Jodie Lawhorne
          Arthur Mahoney
    • Registration Chief of Staff - Details
        Justin Bache
      • Assistant Registration Chief of Staff - Details
          Scott Doughton
      • Registration Staff - Details - Apply
          Shapale Boykins
          Keisha Brown
          Andrea Cammock
          Meagan Carbonneau
          Rob Castiello
          Chin-Yu Chen
          Jennifer Chen
          Joanna Chen
          Winnie Chen
          Winnie Chen
          Charmaine Faluszczak
          Kesten Floyd
          Raven Ford
          Ashley Gibbs
          Adrian Gordon
          Kyle Hong
          Liyet Iran
          Jennifer O'Callaghan
          Stephanie Poindexter
          David Sloan
          Sharrie Sterling
          Jian Sterry
          Sarah Toups
          Jeanne Tran
          Amol Vaidya
  • Director of Technical Operations - Details - Contact
      Michael Lee
    • Assistant Director of Technical Operations - Details
        Trevor Bates
        Jeff Reckers
    • Tech Ops Desk Manager - Details - Apply
      • Tech Ops Desk Staff - Details - Apply
          Allen Messier
          Stefania Torres
      • Convention Communications Technical Logistics Coordinators - Details - Apply
          Elissa Gray
          Audrey Vogt
    • Technical Chief of Staff - Details
        Andyi Richter
      • Special Projects Technical Staff - Details - Apply
          Jared D. Erb
          Angela Morley
      • Senior Technical Staff - Details - Apply
          Omega Au
          Angela DeFalco
          Jenny Doan
          John Doyle
          Phill Fernandes
          Peter Franklin
          Michael Ghizzoni
          Chris Hoey
          Bo Guo Luu
          Nayan Naidoo
          Jacob Palnick
          Donovyn Pickler
          Eric Robey
          Rosalie Sinclair
          Andrew Smith
          Rayce Stipanovich
          Jose Torres
          Seng Ung
          Scott Vogel
          Elizabeth Wu
      • Junior Technical Staff - Details - Apply
          Jefferson Eng
          Pi Fisher
          Julie Miller
          Michael Gonzalez
          Andrew Guertin
          Alexander King
          Nicholas Sylvester
          Carie Vaughan
    • Panel Technical Coordinator - Details - Apply
        Jonathan Hunt
        Richard Ralston
    • Video Technical Coordinator - Details
        Kevin Almeida
        Nabil Samuel
    • Auditorium Coordinators - Details - Apply
        Robert Babcock
        Jarrod Jahoda
    • Convention Computer and Networking Technical Support - Details - Apply
        Todd Whitney
    • Hall D Coordinators - Details
        David Green
        Michelle Ross
        Ben Warmus
    • Live Video Production Manager - Details
        Nicole Acevedo
      • Live Video Production Staff - Details - Apply
          Adam Cornwell
          Jessica Cornwell
          Sean Davis
          Alexander Gingerich
          Richard Joseph
          Jaimee Kalishman
          Jamie Merz
          Jack Placidi
          Desmond Wooten