Anime Boston Volunteers are members who help out the convention but aren’t held to the same level of commitment as a staff member. Volunteers do not have a minimum work requirement and have more freedom to enjoy the convention; they can help out anywhere from fifteen minutes to over twenty hours! By volunteering, you could help put on a great show, earn prizes, make new friendships and connections, and give back to a community you love!

What Do Volunteers Do?

Volunteers function as a support to the staff members. Here are some of the duties volunteers are responsible for:

  • Assembling convention materials (guidebooks, lanyards, decorations, etc.)
  • Assisting with panel and event needs
  • Delivering various items to departments (meals, signage, etc.)
  • Helping with various tasks that require extra hands to ensure the convention runs smoothly

Volunteer Age Groups

There are two age groups potential volunteers can qualify for - Adult Volunteers and Minor Volunteers. The parameters for each are detailed below:

Adult Volunteers

  • Must be 18+ at the time of the convention
  • Must have pre-registered for Anime Boston

Minor Volunteers

  • Must be 16+ at the time of the convention
  • Must have pre-registered for Anime Boston
  • Must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign a volunteer waiver at check-in
  • Can volunteer for a maximum of 9 hours per day
  • Cannot take any shifts after 10:00 PM

How to Volunteer for Anime Boston

Sign up as a volunteer through our online Volunteer Application or during the convention at Volunteers HQ.

  • Volunteers must have a valid mailing address (used in the event that you earn reimbursement for your convention membership)
  • Volunteers that will be 16-17 years of age at the time of the convention must sign up as a minor
  • If you apply online and your application is accepted, you will receive a welcome email
  • Fill out your availability and task preferences in the Volunteer Portal
  • Volunteer shift schedules will be made available during the week before the convention
  • After picking up your Anime Boston Convention Membership, head to Volunteers HQ to check in and let us know you’ve arrived
  • Volunteers must attend an orientation meeting. Two will be offered during the convention, one held Thursday, April 18th at 7:00 PM, and one held Friday, April 19th at 9:00 AM
    • If accepted, volunteers signing up after the Friday morning orientation will not be permitted to work until provided with an orientation

Volunteers HQ

Volunteer Headquarters (VHQ) is where all volunteer operations are managed. This will be your home base while you’re volunteering at Anime Boston. Volunteers attend orientation, check in and out for shifts, and can store personal belongings in VHQ.

Volunteer Shifts

A volunteer shift can range from fifteen minutes to four hours. The workload is paced to allow you to rest, eat, hydrate, and enjoy the convention.

  • Once accepted to the roster, volunteers will be able to mark down their availability in our Volunteer Portal. Volunteers Staff will then use that availability to design a shift schedule that works for each volunteer.
  • Before each shift, volunteers will need to check in at VHQ.
  • When heading out for a shift, volunteers will be given instructions and supplies as needed to carry out their duties
  • After finishing an assigned shift, volunteers should then return to Volunteers HQ to check back in. A member of the Volunteers Staff will record the completion of each shift.

Meals & Prizes

  • Every four hours volunteered (up to 20 hours) earns you a gift and a meal voucher
  • Sixteen hours volunteered earns you reimbursement for your convention membership
  • We like to reward excellent volunteer work with special prizes!

Staying Connected

Stay updated on the latest news and announcements for Anime Boston Volunteers! Check out the Anime Boston VHQ Facebook Group!

If you have any questions, please contact our Volunteers Manager.